Cubism Project -Definitive Sketch

After the surprising reaction to what I thought was an awful sketch used to just wrap my head around cubism, I decided to create a sketch that I will chop up and use in my piece. I have to say I am actually proud of this sketch. Not because it is so artistically wonderful. (i’m not really a visual artist in my eyes). But the success for me is that I feel I was able to wrap my head around making a cubism piece. I’d almost rather just turn in the drawing but the piece is coming together as well in a way that successful or not I am proud of my own growth. Using several photos that I took of the horse and of a fence…..

Here is the new sketch:

cubism sketch 1

I actually ended up changing my camera settings and taking the sketch in this hue to chop & insert into my piece:

cubism sketch 2


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