Week 3 Cubism Project-Sketches

The first sketch was just to see if I could sketch the horse image.
I found it successful

Horse sketch

Next I tried to sketch to see if I could get some kind of insight or something would come around. Made shapes and put parts in a shape etc. All unsuccessfully.

Thought of the professor saying that text was good in cubism so drew some letters in this one…..still unsuccessful

After inserting the first drawing into my playing in photoshop I decided to try a concept that I am following now which includes the sketch in the piece as Picasso and many others often did.

This final sketch is sort of the direction I have now taken after playing around a bit in Photoshop. Colors have changed and seem to include orange, yellows, layering water with the sketch with pictures of the horse. Using the blending mode tools, the brush tool the polygonal lasso, filters, patch tool, smudge tool, & clone stamp and wacom graphic pad this week.



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