Week 4 Cubism Project


After playing with probably 15 iterations and presenting in class week before last…..I started all over with a newer idea in mind, incorporating some aspects of the original idea experimenting with new ones and adding a new sketch to be chopped up taking me into a different direction. If I had to make a stretch I would say I’ve departed from any of the artists I researched although my sketchis probably in some way Picasso influenced though it resembles his work in no remote way.

original picture

original direction presented to the class.

new sketch to be incorporated into piece.

The New Direction:

Use of Polygonal Lasso tool to make font. And gradient tool to add the yellow/orange background.

insertion of a bit of the sketch and a photo of the hudson river that I took

playing with blending mode and discovered the Hard Light mode that inspired me in this pic

beging to insert different photos of the horse into the image playing looking for a direction. playing with all kinds of filters as well for s  see what will work behind the photo cutouts. Kinda all over the place at this moment but working to pull it all together


Final Project Link


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