Happy Accidents

These are some simple amateur results that arrived when I asked myself…”What would happen if I try this tool or click this button?”

This background is a colored picture warped by the 3d Extrusion from layer tool.

This was a black and white pic that I used the 3d Extrusion from layer tool then added a beveled frame (layer styles) and and textured background using Layer Styles pattern overlay.

I started playing with making text 3d and also tried out the 3d Mesh tool which makes bottles, cans, rings, shapes etc.

I was enjoying the 3d and tried to compose something interesting using mostly the rectangle tool and making them 3d and giving them patterns and colors etc.

HDR is my favorite discovery this term, just started playing with this video game and my Labor day boat trip

This guy is in both of my final projects, the StreetGuy. I was working on my final project and wondered what would happen if I clicked Puppet warp.


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