September 10, 2012

Our first weeks assignment has been to :

  • Develop 3-5 Hyperrealism Concepts for a project.
  • Take 3-5 pics per concept
  • Blog about who inspired your concepts
  • Setup a WordPress Blog
  • Upload your Concepts in a slideshow to your WordPress Blog
  • Be prepared to pitch & defend your strongest concept

First of all I must say that my main influences came from three different places. Well maybe four actually but one influence I am unable to find the reference to again.

First, I googled  Hyperrealism and was led to a video by Larry Perez.

Moving items from one image to another is something I am familiar with even though I may not be proficient at it. And you do get to see how he takes a photograph and moves it to a completely different scene and makes it look realistic.

The other two influences I had were that of:

Denis Peterson
Especially his Walkin’ New York Exhibit Online. I have always been excited and fascinated by images in New York City and especially that of Times Square.
Denis really creates some masterpieces with these images.


MC Escher
I especially love the way he takes images and puts them inside reflections of glass, puddles, on a building. I had other concepts as well that reflected this and enjoy this concept.

Although I cannot say that these other two artists influenced my concepts, I do enjoy there work:

Jorge Izquierdo
Ron Mueck

I actually love most Ron’s piece where the giant is sitting in the empty room with the small people looking in the doorway. Actually this may influence the Mime concept that I have.


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