Hyper-R Experimentation Week 1

My original idea of the Mime and the man bent over like the holding his head will not happen. The picture of the man when blown up to %100 percent is blurry.

Man Down


Eastonia Alley

St. Petersburg Walkway

St. Petersburg Walkway

Russian Teenager

Russian Teeanager


So I have been experimenting with other versions of a scene including the Mime.I have some photos one in Eastonia and one in St. Petersburg. And I also snapped some photos of this young Russian teenager. I keep thinking of a piece that could be called. Smile! or Oblivious or something in that nature. The boy is walking with an electric device in his ear even, and the Mime is looking at him almost saying something to him but he doesn’t even notice. He just walks poker faced almost depressed looking, with his mind off in another world.
I’ve toyed with tons of iterations of these. My three favorite ideas have more to do with the background. They are:

The one I’ve played with most is  where the Russian teenager is in an ally in Eastonia walking by the Mime sitting on the awning in front of a building trying to get his attention. Reminds me of Kazoo on the Flinstones a bit.

Yoohoo 1

I don’t know how to make this pop yet make the eye do what I want it to do. I did think about maybe adding some animals to it as well but that could be busy

Maybe playing with the size of the cat to make him giant like the teenager countering the mime and the rat. Different color backgrounds just playing.

And I have other iterations just experimenting

Definitely would like to use this concept if it is a viable one but don’t know with which background and then what to do with the piece.


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