Hyper-Realism Final Project

Here are my two pieces for the Hyper-Realism Project.


Man Down



I started with two pictures that I had taken.

Mime   Man Down

I originally wanted to play with the idea of scaling large and small these subjects after viewing some of the works of Ron Mueck and his InsomniArt.
However after close inspection I noticed that the picture of the man with head in hands was not as sharp as I needed it to be.
So i started working first with the mime. I wanted him to have a sort of Kazoo from the Flinstones feeling. Just watching an oblivious teenager walk through life.
I tried a lot of locations for him still playing with the small size and used a lot of tools we’d just learned in class along with some that I discovered or re-descovered along the way. I also found pictures of recent trips as well as a teenage subject that I thought would work perfectly. I tried several places and concepts. Here are two of MANY examples

but finally decided on this final:

I had given up on using the Man Down Photo until Prof. Krikun suggested the use of the HDR Toning Tool in Photoshop to sharpen the picture more, which was brand new to me. Well needless to say I went a little crazy with this tool….
Meanwhile, I still had to figure out what the man was down about.
I went the morbid route for a bit

taking pictures of gravesites and tombstones and even found a lovely statue/tomb of a lady in a similar position as the man:

But it all was too morbid and not the direction I wanted to go in.

Finally I decided the Man should be Down because of something else haunting him. Then the idea of alcohol on his brain came to me.
So that brought me to this final concept of a man sitting disappointed with himself his feet on probably imaginary bottles, struggling with his desire for a drink while he goes unnoticed as life goes on around him.

Man Down

Tools used on both pieces: Wacom Bamboo Tablet,  lasso, magnetic lasso, marquee, quick selection, HDR Toning, brush, dodge, burn, eraser, adjustment layer tools (levels, curves, hue saturation,  brightness/contrast), blur, smudge, clone stamp, healing brush, quickmask…


2 responses to “Hyper-Realism Final Project

  1. Great artwork and design on the Man Down piece JD, they both look awesome.

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