Hyper-realism sketches



I actually wrote about all of these sketches and what I worked with in my blog. So I will put my blog entry at the bottom of this post of sketches.

Well it’s been an interesting path towards this project so far.
I played with a lot of the tools this week. HDR Toning which I’ve gone a little overboard with I think. Magneticl Lasso the favorite for me of the cutout tools with the refine edge. Couldn’t remember how we were told to smooth out the edges. Something with a brush etc. but I can’t remember. So i tried another way. I can’t say it works really. Refine tool softening the edges and feathering a bit. And then making a separate mask/ file from there of the cutout and saving it.  I don’t know. Also loved discovering the quick selection plus or minus when your
I’ve been playing with 2 different concepts. the whole time and can’t decide which to go with. Both could potentially include the mime. One is ManDown The guy is bent over covering his head obviously going through something. This took a morbid turn for a minute as the sketches probably show where I added a grave on this highline spot in front of him as if he were morning someone dead. I even went so far as to find a statue very similar to his pose. But I don’t like those ideas after insert them into the picture. Not in a morbid tone. Then I thought. The Bottle. Maybe the guy is trying not to have a drink. On his mind is the bottle and he just has his head down fighting the next craving. I kept him regular sized for now, played with him larger, but then decided maybe the bottles should be larger. As far as the mime is concerned I could add a mini him kinda like the voice in his ear saying “whatcha gonna do?” kinda thing. I don’t know.
I’m still not convinced thought of the resolution of my picture. But maybe the HDR Toning is helping it.

My other idea is of a giant boy walking along the street in St. Petersburg on a cloudly day OBLIVIOUS as the mime is sitting on the fence in front of the river just looking up at his hugess. Kinda like “Hello up there!”
I love the photos for these and really want to do them so. We will see. Maybe save one of the concepts for the final project.


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