Grey & Grey L.L.P. Case Study

oldgg_final CLIENT:
Grey & Grey L.L.P.

Site Redesign

Fall Semester 2012


Project Brief:
Grey & Grey LLP is a law firm that helps injured workers, people of age who need to collect their social security disability benefits and people who have sustained personal injury and feel they have a case. Grey and Grey is in need of a modern, updated re-design. Users who come to their site come to it to gather as much information as they can so as to know what their next action should be. So it will be heavy on information. The goal here is to instill trust through the subtle but pleasing perhaps even calming colors and make the user experience of a heavy informational site more comfortable and simple to navigate by using a minimalist design. This is not an ambulance chasing law firm.

Budget This is a pro bono student project

Research I searched the web for many law sites online and looking for current ones that could inspire the design. Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 3.13.13 PMI came across a Manhattan based law firm’s site that I found minimal, pleasing, and possible for me to build with my current skill set.

Granovsky & Sundaresh PLLC


  1. Design a clean, minimalist web site that will invite a user using color and font to give the client a nice, maybe calming user experience while he/she is collecting the needed information.
  2. Represent the firm as classy and trustworthy as opposed to giving the site the flashiness and bells and whistles of a firm that one might label “ambulance chaser”.
  3. I also wanted to use the new popular (free) slidewhow plug-in feature by Flexslider 2 (also available as a for purchase widget by Dreamweaver and available for WordPress) to retain some visual interest and give the static site some movement while not distracting the user from his purpose.

Original Sitemap Proposal


Original Grid Wireframe

My first strategy was to attempt using Adobe Dreamweaver’s Responsive Design feature and build a site that would scale to mobile devices and be based on a grid. However, I was not able to crack the Responsive Design technique quickly enough & had to take another direction. So the strategy then became to prepare a solid, fixed width, grid design interface that would not break when re-sized and give it a simple call to action for the client. The other decision quickly made was to hand code the site in a text editor ,, and to use Adobe Dreamweaver for error correction in this particular project.



  • Creating a Responsive Design website
  • Re-coding the site to a fixed width design from it’s original fluid, responsive attempt
  • Editing the code in the jquery plug-in slideshow to give the it the look and timing that would suit the site.
  • Editing the content on the site so that it gives the user ‘enough’ information and not ‘too much’ causing the user to become even more overwhelmed.

Updated Design:




Landing Page- Slideshow


Landing Page – Body




This 10 page site is a good start towards updating the Grey & Grey L.L.P’s web presence. There are still many large and subtle changes that should be made to this site to elevate UX and UI. While I found in my research and agreed that many law firms chose not to have a facebook and twitter presence, I would at minimum encourage the firm to take on a Linkedin presence. I put a button in the footer as if it did exist. Surprisingly the firm did have a WordPress blog which I would encourage them to keep updating regularly as well as well as redesign in a way that would complement their new design. I included links to this blog. One could also address other sections of their current web site and bring them up to today’s standards and practices.

Other Relevant Pages:

Attorneys Page


Our Practices ->Worker’s Compensation Page


Contact/Locations Page



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